Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vegan Pizza at Pi Pizzeria

Last weekend I was reading Sara Beth's Happy Bellies blog, and discovered that vegan pizza has finally arrived in St. Louis! I'm not talking making do by having a place hold the cheese if you are lucky enough to find a restaurant offering a vegan crust. (Sadly, St. Louis vegans are still "making do" far too often when we dine out.) I'm talking a real vegan pizza with melted cheese to hold all the delicious toppings in place.

Pi Pizzeria to the rescue. Pi offers vegan cheese and vegan sausage which you can order on the thin-style (vegan) crust. MD and I got down to business and ordered one to carry out the same night that I read the news. Less than a week later we were back for another pizza, this time with vegan cheese, vegan sausage, onions, and red bell pepper. We added our own jalapeno slices at home. The cheese melts well and has a creamy texture. I think the sausage could be more flavorful and I also added salt, but overall this pizza was excellent.

Thank you Pi! We look forward to many more visits.


  1. How lucky you are! It must be awesome to go out for some vegan pizza...or even order take out.

  2. I feel like you're always reading my mind! I just found out about Pi's vegan pizza last week and plan on going there this Friday to try it out. I can't wait! I'm thinking mushroom and sausage :)

  3. Ah man, that is awesome! All the places in Memphis that offer "vegan pizza" (okay, the one place) just make the pizza with no cheese. I'd love to order a vegan cheeze pizza! Well, actually my friend Bastet has a vegan lunch delivery service here and she does use vegan cheeze, but it'd be nice if actual pizzerias did too.

  4. Lucky you! It looks great! I'm still making do with cheese-less pizza around here. :-)

  5. That is so awesome, congrats on the vegan pizza! Pizza is one of my favorite things but I really don't make it enough. This looks SO good!

  6. I'm so glad my post was helpful in pointing that out. We've been twice so far and have loved it. I agree the sausage could be a bit more flavorful, but of course there aren't too many complaints when it's vegan pizza with cheese in St. Louis, right? ha. I heard Bottleworks has vegan cheese and topping too, but I haven't looked into it too much yet. Definitely worth looking into.

  7. OH MY GOD! Why do these amazing vegan restaurants open up when I am not in STL? EEEE. I think I am visiting on Nov. 6th, so I will be sure to make it in there for a slice!

    -Rebecca (Lori's niece)

  8. Schlafly Bottleworks has vegan pizza. Crust is vegan, as is the sauce, and they use follow your heart vegan cheese. After working there for four years, I finally convinced them to use follow your heart. They also have match vegan meatballs. BOMB!

  9. Why would you not make your own pizza at home? If you spend $30 or so on a pizza stone it is so much better homemade than anything you can buy in a restaurant.

  10. Annie, I might agree, but:
    1. I thought the pizza was very delicious.
    2. I went to the Tivoli theater at the Loop, saw a movie, then went to pizza at Pi with some friends. They got a "normal" pizza & loved it also. So... For a place to go socially.
    3. Same thing, I'd think this place would be perfect for a nice date, it's upscale but casual.
    4. I like to support places having vegan options, I think this might be the single most important thing I can do as a vegan. Think voting with your money. If more places offered vegan options, it would be easier for people to successfully switch to veganism if they're interested.


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