Thursday, September 24, 2009

SweetArt's Vegan Delights and Pumpkin

Being vegan in St. Louis just got even sweeter. SweetArt now offers vegan cupcakes and vegan brownies EVERYDAY! Kelly of Vegan Thyme recently gave high praise to the brownies. And she's right. Now we have the dilemma of choosing between brownies and cupcakes any day. This week I selected the vegan French Toast cupcake. Moist, sweet, and just the right maple syrup flavor.

This was the finishing touch to a decadent and delicious lunch that started with the Botanical wrap, a whole wheat tortilla wrapped around baked tofu, avocado, red cabbage, scallions, and cilantro with a spicy peanut dressing. And it sounds like new lunch items will be on the menu soon. So go, support vegan dining in St. Louis, and leave full and happy. (Plus you'll get your Nina Simone fix from their playlist while you're there. Could this get any better?)

And now for the dog portion of the post. The Humane Society of Missouri is featuring black dogs for adoption in September. You have likely heard that black dogs are often passed by in shelters, so this month these wonderful pups are highlighted.

Pumpkin is my current favorite HSMO black dog. She looks a little shy in this photo, but she is actually very playful, spunky, sweet, smart, and affectionate. You should see this young girl prancing around on her walks carrying her favorite stuffed teddy bear. She is adoptable at the Macklind location.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Edited 9/26/09 to share the good news that Pumpkin has been adopted!!


  1. I'll have to put Sweet Art on my "places to try" list- that cupcake looks so good.

    How interesting to see you talking about how black dogs get adopted less often. Just last week, a woman stopped to pet my dog (who is a big dog and jet black from nose to tail) and mentioned this. I'll be sure to keep this in mind when I am looking for pets from shelters.

  2. Sounds like such a great restaurant! I love the 'french toast' flavor--so original! And that Pumpkin. . . I am melting.

  3. As it so happens, I'm going to Sweet Art today for lunch! Their brownies are to die for! I've only seen chocolate and/or vanilla vegan cupcakes, but I'll be on the lookout for the new flavors! Yum :)

    And how cute is Pumpkin? My brother has a kitty with the same name :)

  4. French Toast cupcakes! That is pure genius! I'd like to try to make something like that on my own — I just might. Thanks for the inspiration.

    As for black dogs, I wonder why that is. I think black dogs are adorable. My pup is kinda calico, but most of his back is black.

  5. We always have black labs at the Humane Society here. I thought it was sort of a regional thing, since so many people in this area have labs for hunting. I'd never heard of the black dog phenomenon, but it makes sense when I read about it. On the bright side, a family was at the HS tonight to adopt one of them - a really sweetie, as I'm sure Pumpkin is.

  6. That cupcake looks soooo good. Hard to pass that up. ;)

  7. That's one good looking cupcake! And it's French Toast! Wow! :-)

  8. i'm attending human society volunteer orientation oct. 10th.. so excited!

  9. Hi! It's Kelly from Vegan Thyme and thanks so much for mentioning the Sweet Art brownie rave (seriously, the best I've had)--as I sit here craving more. . .mmmm vegan cupcakes EVERYDAY--that works for me!

  10. Whoa. That's one tasty-looking cupcake!

  11. those cupcakes look sooo good!

  12. YES!!! So happy Pumpkin has been adopted! What fabulous news.


  13. That is a huge dilema! Brownies or cupcakes? How can you decide! I had never heard of a French Toast cupcake before, what an original flavor!

    Pumpkin looks so sweet, I don't understand why black dogs and cats have a harder time getting adopted. Poor little guys. Pumpkin is adorable so I'm sure she'll find her family soon!

    Thank you for your comment! I didn't really feel like I went out with a bang, but it felt great to know that you thought I did! :-)


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