Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stuffed Peppadews and Stuff to Do

My friend Bruno introduced me to the idea of stuffed peppadews quite a while ago on his blog Bruno's Dream. I was so smitten with the simplicity of preparation and beautiful appearance that I made them for New Year's Eve that year. Well, all my friends know how this story turns out. After stuffing I don't know how many peppers and cleaning the exterior of each for a meticulous presentation, I left the tray on the cocktail table and returned to the kitchen. When I came back to the living room, the peppadew tray was empty! The only evidence apparently remained on the roof of Scout's mouth, as she flickered her tongue in and out trying to swallow the last bites.

In case you aren't familiar with the peppadew, they are both sweet and spicy. Poor Scout didn't know about the spicy part. Surprisingly, she had no ill effects other than the aforementioned tongue flickering, which lasted quite a while. Scroll down for the recipe I made today, and beware that these are apparently dog magnets.

Now for the Stuff to Do.

Whole Foods stores in the Midwest now stock vegan pizza in the prepared foods section! These are topped with Upton's Naturals Italian sausage-style seitan and Teese mozzarella! Teese has caused quite a stir amongst vegans, so this pizza is definitely on my "to try" list.

HBO airs Death on a Factory Farm Monday March 16, a look at practices in an Ohio factory hog farm based on an undercover animals rights investigation.

The Martha Stewart Show will air the annual Dog Show on Wednesday March 18. We expect to see a segment on the puppy mill rescues by the Humane Society of Missouri.

I Was a Teenage Feminist: A Documentary Film about Redefining the F-Word is showing at the Missouri History Museum on Thursday March 19 at 7pm.

Unfortunately I'll miss Langhorne Slim at Off Broadway Tuesday March 17 due to attending a Dogs with Issues Class at the HSMO. Which brings us full circle to the peppadew incident. Here's Scout apparently thinking, "Dogs with Issues class? Are you talkin' to me?"

Actually, I take full responsibility for leaving the food in reach. The class is to address her Cujo imitation when she sees other dogs on walks. Really, so unnecessary.

Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

peppadew peppers (I found them in the deli section of the grocery store in the "olive bar")

vegan cream cheese mixed with chopped kalamata olives, green olives, peppadew peppers, salt, and freshly ground pepper

Stuff. Enjoy.


  1. those stuffed peppadews look great! and adorrrable puppy!

  2. Mmmm, those sound yummy! Funny story too!

  3. Scout is so adorable! and the peppers look delicious! :-)

  4. Oh no! The doggie shouldn't get to eat all your hard work! They looked like they were so yummy too.

    And I am sooo excited about the vegan pizza! I'll keep an eye out for it. I happened to have vegan pizza with Teese in the Chicago WF yesterday, but it's gonna be even better with Upton's!!! Thanks for being such an awesome vegan gossip -- you always seem to know about upcoming goodies!

  5. never heard of peppadews...they sound cool though!

  6. awwwww - Scout = the cutest! i can't believe she ate all the peppadews! i don't get HBO, but i'm gonna see if a friend can record that documentary for me. it sounds like something i might want to watch. i hope the class goes well. our dog julie does the exact same thing when she sees other dogs on her walks. it's VERY frustrating (and also unnecessary, i agree.)! she actually gets along great with other dogs, it's just when she's on the leash that she's acts like Cujo as well! argh!

    thanks for the peppadew pepper recipe, Lisa! gonna have to make some as they just look too darn cute 'n yummy not to! mmmmmmmm!

  7. I've never heard of peppadews - the combo of sweet and spicy sounds pretty tempting. Scout reminds me of my dogs, especially the reaction to other dogs on walks. I should really check out a class like that - it sounds like it would be totally worthwhile.

    I've also had a couple of cases of vanishing food - a whole loaf of banana bread one time, and other little mysteries...don't think there's a class for that :)

  8. I love your recipes. I swear I could throw parties with your food all the time! And peppadews, genius! Hope you had a great weekend.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Nice looking peppedews! Glad Scout left some for you to enjoy this time :-)

  10. I love peppedews, but I've only seen them in jars or listed as ingredients in salsa type things. Stuffing them is a great idea! Sorry they turned out to be a doggy snack.

  11. i want to compliment the peppers, but i must first compliment your amazing music choices. mother truckers in your last post, and now langhorne slim. i've seen him about 5 times... amazing. AMAZING!

  12. Ok, I vote for more Scout pictures, because she is just cute enough to eat!!! (Not really, you know what I mean).
    I've never heard of peppadews but they are just so fun to say ! I bet Scout loved 'em, because they look delish!

  13. Scout is beautiful! OMG, I have the same problem with Rocky. He growls like a grizzly when he encounters other pooches. =|

  14. Scout is TOO CUTE. And I've somehow never even heard of peppadews, but you make them sound really tasty!

    I watched most of that HBO documentary and was pretty disappointed with the verdict. But I'm glad that there's more exposure, with the hope that justice will be served in the future.

  15. That's such a funny story! My dog would do that too, I'm sure. I've never tried peppadews, but this sounds wonderful.

    BTW, my dog does the Cujo thing too sometimes. He growls at people though, and only certain ones. Typically I think its the ones who are afraid of him. Dogs are so macho.

  16. I haven't gotten the Match flatbread at Terrene but I definitely want to try it the next time I go.

    I had nooooo idea about the vegan pizza at WF!! I can't wait to get my hands on one. I hear they have Sweet and Sara marshmallows now too.

    Those peppadews look amazing! They are tasty little things.

  17. Would love to see that doc! Sounds great - let us know how it was.
    The stuffed peppers sound divine - and I bet scout loved em'!

  18. Late comment but did you find the class helped with the Cujo-ness? My one dog likes to act that way as well and I would love to resolve the issue!

  19. VeganVerve, yes very much so. We used clicker training and especially an exercise to teach her to give me automatic eye contact whenever she sees a dog. Very effective.


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