Monday, November 17, 2008

7 Random Things

River of Wing-It Vegan tagged me to list 7 random things about myself. Have you checked out her 7 yet? What an impressive pie she made back when she first became vegan! Here we go with mine:

1. My first vegetarian cookbook, Vegetariana, was a gift during college from a wonderful friend since grade school. It became pretty tattered after getting me through holiday family dinners, potlucks, and just weeknights at home.

2. My most recent cookbook purchase was Vegetable Love, found on sale. Basic info about tons of vegetables. Looks like a great reference book.

3. I tend to get obsessed with a hobby for a while, then move on to something new. I've been through motorcycling, music collecting/playlist making, embroidery, glass etching, and jewelry making. Here's some stuff I made before vegan cooking took over.

4. I kept my name when I got married. An unintended benefit is that I immediately detect telemarketers who address me as "Mrs. (insert husband's surname)".

5. I get extremely anxious about blood, wounds, etc. Just the thought of IV therapy and I'm nearly sent into fainting goat mode.

6. I've been listening to Lucinda Williams' "Honey Bee" every time I turn my iPod on.

7. We decorate more for Halloween than any other holiday.

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. I did some cooking, dog walking, dog bathing, and eating great food at Everest. I'll be back Wednesday with the Mexican Meatball Soup that almost wasn't. And if you want to play along with this meme, consider yourself tagged!


  1. I'm glad you've had such a relaxing weekend!

    I'm the same way with hobbies, but I'm glad I've found cooking, which seems to have stuck!

  2. I think blogger ate my comment, darn it! I was blathering on about how terribly talented you are and how I was in awe of your amazing skillz! I hate it when that happens! Grrr...

  3. I loved reading all your random facts! (Reminds me I just get to the meme myself. . .!).

    I share quite a few of your points, from keeping my name when I married (made it MUCH easier after the divorce) ;)--and also being very squeamish about blood (to the point of fainting).

    I love your crafts and earrings. But I can see how cooking could easily take over!

  4. Aww, thanks for the pie shoutout! :)

    Your crafts are beautiful! You are extremely talented, I bet you exceed at everything you do! I also become obsessed with different hobbies and craft making until the excitement runs its course.

    YAY I'm so glad you played! I knew your meme would be fascinating!

  5. Sweet Potato, I know what you mean, I can't see abandoning cooking anytime soon!

    Shellyfish, how nice of you! I always love to see your crafts too.

    Ricki, so funny that we have those things in common. And I can't believe I said "wounds" and "blood" on a food blog. Hopefully readers won't be too grossed out!

    Thanks River! I really enjoyed reading about your random things too. It's the little quirks that are so interesting.

    Liz, thanks so much! I hope to get back to it one day. I still have mucho supplies on hand.

  6. I like this 7 things meme - interesting reading on a few blogs. I'm intrigued by the Mexican Meatball Soup! I'll check back Wednesday.


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