Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VeganMoFo: Rosemary Nuts

The bar at King Louie's used to be one of our favorite haunts for cocktails. So cozy with exposed brick walls, amber lighting, and an ornate wooden bar. The bartender was a friendly guy who reminded us a little of Elvis Costello. The cocktails were gigantic, but, most importantly, dry and not diluted with floating ice crystals. The bar also served salty, sweet nuts seasoned with fresh rosemary, which led me to try this recipe when I spotted it in The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook.

I recently re-visited the recipe as a vegan, and substituting Earth Balance Buttery Sticks rather than butter worked just fine. The fragrant rosemary is combined with brown sugar, salt, and melted "buttery" Earth Balance, then stirred with four types of toasted nuts. The pecans and pinenuts are a must! These nuts add a little something special to happy hour, and make a wonderful gift at the holidays or for any occasion.

By the way, repairs are in process for our ceiling. Thanks everyone for the good thoughts!


  1. You've been Tagged!


  2. Great to hear about your ceiling.

    Yes, nuts and cocktails go well together. I can see myself drinking mojito and eating rosemary nuts already.

  3. these rosemary nuts sound so interesting (and delicious)! we're going to have to try them 'cause we've got rosemary growing like crazy in our garden and i'm a sucker for roasted nuts! hooooooooooray!

    glad your ceiling is get'n fixed! :)

  4. aw, hell yes....new x-mas gift idea...
    book marking now...
    thank you.....

  5. Those sound so good - especially with a cocktail. Glad the ceiling is going to be tended to soon.

  6. What a beautiful picture! This recipe would make a fantastic Christmas gift!
    YAY for your speedy ceiling repair! :)

  7. how will I ever eat regular bar peanuts again???

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! And Jessy, I'm jealous that you still have fresh herbs. That's awesome.

  9. What a great snack! Sounds so good, I wish I had some now. Glad repairs are in process, hope your ceiling is all better soon! :-)

  10. Rosemary's nuts? oh...oh! oh.
    they look delicious!


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