Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tex Mex Burgers

To continue celebrating Summertime food while I can, I've made bean patty burgers a couple of times this week. The first attempt was based on a cooking magazine recipe, and that was a bust, beige and bland.

I'm so glad I turned to Jessy's blog for another try! At Happy Vegan Face, she posts quite a few tasty looking burgers, and this Tex Mex Burger is one of them. This recipe has plenty of Tex Mex flavor, and just the right amount of kick from the Sriracha and cayenne. The burgers also brown up nicely on the outside. I didn't have saltines on hand, so subbed between 1/2 to 3/4 cup panko bread crumbs. I kept nibbling on the leftovers in the skillet after dinner, which shows how tasty these are! I topped mine with cumin ketchup (mix about 1 teaspoon cumin per 2 Tablespoons ketchup), mustard, baby spinach, and dill pickle slices. Check out Jessy's recipe here to whip up your own!


  1. Love the idea of adding other flavors to ketchup -- glad you found a bean burger that worked!

  2. What kind of bun is that? It looks so soft, chewy and wonderful! What a great accompaniment to these fabulous burgers!

  3. oh man, i'm so happy you liked our recipe, Lisa! that rocks! and cumin ketchup sounds freak'n glorious! i love both cumin & ketchup - so i bet the combination of the two = a match made in heaven!

    thanks again for trying our recipe! wahooooooooooooooooo! makes us most happyfaced!

  4. Jessy always has the best recipes! And I'm with Jennifer, that bun looks great!

  5. mmmmm that burger looks super delicious right now :)

    sriracha probably makes everything taste better :)

  6. That sounds so delicious, thanks for the tip on the recipe!

  7. Alanna, me too! I love adding flavors to all kinds of condiments.

    Jennifer, this is a Sara Lee Heart Healthy Whole Wheat bun. I like to keep an extra pack of these in the freezer!

    Jessy, thank you for the delicious recipe! I think we have similar food tastes. So many of you dishes look awesome to me!

    Shellyfish, so true, Jessy's blog is a favorite!

    Ah, Tofufreak, a Sriracha fan like we are!

    Carrie, thanks!

  8. that looks so freaking good! i love veggie burgers!!! i got totally burned out on boca burgers and am looking for a scrumptious homemade alternative. thx!

  9. Wow, now that looks like one good burger! And the fact that it is tex-mex makes even more awesome.

  10. You are right, Jessy posts a lot of awesome recipes. The burger looks really tasty.

  11. QuarryGirl, I know what you mean. I do keep some convenience food on hand, but I'm more likely reach for Boca chik'n than Boca burger.

    Vegan Noodle, as you know, Tex Mex is always better!

    Thanks Mihl!

  12. This looks SO good! And what a beautiful picture!

    Now I have two of Jessy's burger recipes that I want to make, this one and her Butter Bean Burgers. YUM!!


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