Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tempeh Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Whole grain English muffin, toasted, with tomato, mashed avocado, tempeh bacon, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. MD made breakfast for us and it was a delicious start to a holiday weekend. Happy Saturday!


  1. Happy Saturday to you too! If I had this to eat in the morning I bet my day would be lots better!

  2. Those are pretty much the best vegan breakfast ever.

  3. I am so in awe of everything you've been posting lately! I wish I was eating a lot less meals like mine and a lot more like yours!!!

  4. I've been in a burger mood all day, and this seals the deal - I love mashed avocado in a sandwich, and this has a great BLT vibe. Happy Saturday, and enjoy the long weekend!

  5. That looks so good, I wish I could find tempeh bacon in this country (England), must try and make some one day if I ever locate tempeh in this area!

  6. Oh this looks so good! I'm starving over here!

  7. Delicious, indeed! I hope you have a great weekend filled with food as yummy as this!

  8. Trina, the tempeh bacon wasn't homemade, but I plan to try your recipe one day!

    SweetPotato, it does get things off to a good start!

    Anardana, I love these flavors together too.

    Ruby Red Vegan, thanks! You've probably been busy with getting back into the school routine. Hope your meals improve soon.

    Thanks Mike, same to you!

    Anna, good luck with your tempeh search.

    Oh no Shellyfish, surfing food blogs while hungry is torture!

    Jennifer, thanks! Happy Labor Day to you as well.


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