Saturday, July 26, 2008

Prospect Park Potato Salad

This is some witchy potato salad from Veganomicon. The spell began when I felt compelled to take a bite, take a photo, take a bite, take a photo. Well that didn't work out so well and I had to start over with another dish for photos. The spell continued for days, as I found myself eating potato salad at odd hours and whenever I neared the refrigerator.

Although I prefer to make a recipe the first time around as written by the chef, I didn't have cucumbers or dill on hand, so I substituted dill pickles. Obviously, the result made me quite happy, but I want to try the recipe as intended next time. I guess I run the risk of its witchy charm being even stronger!


  1. Yum, potato salad! I like your version better with the dill pickles! :-)

  2. That looks like perfect bbq food! I haven't tried that one yet, Vcon is so full of stuff I'd like to make (and eat), but it does look tempting...

  3. Potato salad is notoriously hard to resist. I wouldn't have been able to stay away from it!

  4. I'm craving something undefined and I think this potato salad would totally do the trick! Yum!

  5. Chow Vegan, i liked this too. I grew up eating a version with sweet pickles, which is good too.

    Shellyfish, I know what you mean! Every time I turn around I see a new recipe someone has tried from VCON that looks amazing.

    Mad about Udon, yes, I'm kind of sad that it's all gone now.

    Alice, watch out, it was addictive!

  6. that looks delicious, i really think that potato salad would put the exact same spell over me! so i totally understand!

  7. Hey, first time visitor here--recipe and your blog LOOKS GREAT!!!!!

  8. Looks so good! I'd probably like it with the dill, cucumbers, AND pickles.


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