Friday, June 27, 2008

A Hunter Lives with Vegans for 30 Days

People sometimes wonder "what's wrong with eating eggs and milk? They're animal products, not parts, right?" This is understandable and something I might have wondered also a couple of years ago. Most of us don't know much about factory farming or how our food is treated before reaching our plates. A recent episode of 30 Days might start to answer some of these questions. An avid hunter spent 30 days living with an animal rights activist and working on an animal santuary. The show's participants were treated respectfully and it brings up plenty to think about and to research further should you so choose. I don't agree with all of the PETA arguments and tactics, certainly not the sexist use of women in some campaigns. But the episode spotlights some important animal rights issues and seeing the footage is very powerful. Thanks to Vegan Dad for the link to the online video. The photo above was taken by Dilip Muralidaran.

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