Monday, June 23, 2008

Cajun Spiced Tofu

Mr. Langhorne Slim played Off Broadway Sunday night to an intimate, lucky audience of dancing, singing fans. The impeccably mannered and all-out-rockin' Slim serenaded his audience with favorites We Love the Animals and the Rebel Side of Heaven (below).

Don't be shy, you know which side of heaven you want to be on.

Backed by the amazing Mr. DeLorenzo on drums and Mr. Defiglia on upright bass, this band brought a lot of Rock 'n' Roll happiness to St. Louis City Sunday night. Thank you Daug clan for such a fun night at the show!!!

What's on the menu on the rebel side of heaven? Cajun Spiced Tofu would be a good start. With all the misguided tofu haters out there, it's the ultimate rebel food. The recipe for these aromatic, crunchy strips can be found in Yellow Rose Recipes by Joanna Vaught. Her cajun spice mix smells divine. The tofu is pressed, cut in thin planks, drenched in a wet mixture, then a cornmeal-based dry mixture. Finish by broiling each side then slicing in strips. I'm having these for lunch atop a big green salad. Cause that's how we roll on the rebel side.


  1. The cajun spiced tofu looks delicious! They look so very spicy! They would be great just by themselves, maybe with a little dipping sauce. :-)

  2. Now that I'm improving my tofu skills, I could try something like this! Looks great!

  3. Damn, I've gotta get that book. Those look so great! And beautiful presentation!

  4. Thanks Chow Vegan! Her spice mix was very good. I added it to soup tonight.

    Alice, I'm also just learning about tofu. There are so many variations of it I hope to try.

    Thanks Bianca! I'm kind of a cookbook-a-holic. I've got my eye on one now from Native Foods restaurant...

  5. Knowing some of Joanna's other spice mixtures, I'm guessing this was definitely a winner.

  6. Vegan Noodle, so true! I've been adding it to practically everything since.

  7. I MUST try that recipe! It looks so good, I imagine it's good on sandwiches and salads and everything else. And alone, with ketchup.

  8. Erin, I did make sandwiches with this too, you're right! I'm looking forward to expanding my tofu horizons.


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