Monday, May 19, 2008

Smoky Jalapeno Poppers

Sometimes fried food rules, but not today. I shouldn't even call these "Jalapeno Poppers." Crunchy and bright, they are a refreshing alternative to the standard recipe. This recipe is adapted from Biker Billy's Freeway-a-Fire. Local Harvest Grocery sells Tofutti cream cheese and Little Pleasures Dip Mix.

Smoky Jalapeno Poppers
an assortment of jalapenos and sweet peppers
1/2 cup Tofutti vegan cream cheese, softened
1 Tablespoon minced fresh chives
2 teaspoons Little Pleasures Smokehouse Onion Dip Mix
2 Tablespoons minced pecans
a pinch of salt

Blanch the jalapenos: Bring a pot of water to a boil over high heat. Add a few peppers at a time and use a slotted spoon to keep them under water. Boil about 3 minutes, then plunge into a container of iced water to prevent further cooking. Remove stem, veins, and seeds. You might prefer to wear gloves while handling the peppers.

Prepare sweet peppers by slicing off the top and removing veins. These are fine to stuff without cooking.

Combine remaining ingredients and stuff peppers with the mixture. Refrigerate in a covered container for an hour. Serve chilled.


  1. I am desperatly wishing I could eat solid food right now. Lisa oh my vegan Mexican goodness!

    I never thought I'd have a jalapeno popper again. I think I'm going to have to try this out as soon as I can eat solid food again.

  2. I wish I could buy fresh jalapenos here in Germany! Your peppers look so good!

  3. Jennifer, hang in there, you'll be back to crunching on peppers soon!

    Mihl, Thanks! Fresh are wonderful but if you can get pickled whole jalapenos you could get a similar effect.

  4. Ohhh...these look good. I'll have to try this. We're growing peppers right now in our garden, so maybe we can use those!

  5. I just love jalapeno poppers. but when you say nekked, it reminds me of my main squeeze chiff0nade. Even tho she's 50 years old she stays nekked ALL the time.

    She's hornier than a Texas toad let me tell you.

    I usually buy those cheap frozen poppers but I'm goona make chiffOnade make me some of these kind.

  6. Samantha, we loved this recipe. It can be served chilled (perfect for prepping in advance for a party), and is still delicious the next day. Your homegrown peppers will make it even better.

    Big Bear, you might enjoy cuddling up to Chiffonade in the kitchen and making these together. Making a hot and spicy dish for your main squeeze can be a lot of fun, let me tell you.


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