Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cassoulet and a Compliment

What an interesting Friday I had. It began with a surprise from Jennifer, more on that in a moment. And it wrapped up with another entertaining evening with our supper club. Several neighborhood couples get together about once a month for a potluck, which has been so much fun. This time the theme was Springtime in Paris, so I contributed a vegan cassoulet. My first time to cook with leeks! This dish is like a bean and veggie stew, seasoned with cloves, thyme, and parsley, then topped with garlicky, crispy bread crumbs. I used this recipe from Epicurious, which was relatively simple and easy to prepare a day in advance.

My day started with the discovery that Jennifer of Veg*n Cooking and Other Random Musings passed along the Excellent Blog Award! This is a really nice compliment to hear that she enjoys my blog. Thank you, Jennifer!

Jennifer knows her way around a Mexican kitchen. I'm not talking vegan nachos here. Gourmet sauces, roasted tomatillos, chiles...que delicioso. She is also from the Show Me State, living in nearby Columbia.

Now it's my turn to share the award with five favorite bloggers. Here are my picks:

Chow Vegan I find the photos and design of this site elegant. Visit, look at vegan food, chill.

Could it be...SEITAN? Need I say more? Actually, I will. Check the vegan cheesecake pops!

Swell Vegan Gorgeous photos. Recipes ranging from comfort food to the exotic.

I Speak for the Bees A new blog, by another vegan who has mastered the art of vegan cupcakes (unlike me). I like Bee Roach's taste in books and movies too.

One Hot Stove Nupur creates many vegan or easily veganizable dishes. Beautiful photos. And Dale is possibly as spoiled as my Scout.


  1. That cassoulet looks amazing. A bean and veggie stew sounds perfect to me.

    And you deserve the award, your blog rocks, seriously.

    And yay for Show Me State Vegans!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    I hadn't discovered your blog yet, so that was a super bonus! What fun. Now I've got you bookmarked.


  3. Jennifer, thanks again. It's been so great how supportive my fellow bloggers are.

    Hi Amey! So funny, your blog is on my "to do" list to add to my links too. Nice to (virtually) meet you!

  4. any chance you'll share a recipie of a local favorite. i'd love to figure out a good toasted rav replacement, but i'm not nearly the cook that my vegan friends are

  5. Matthew, I do love a project. Let me get back to you on that; I've never made toasted ravioli. However, this is quite a coincidence because I composed a future post this morning on another St. Louis dish, the slinger.

  6. Lisa, thanks so much for the award! That was so sweet! :-) and the cassoulet looks awesome!

  7. Chow Vegan- I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the nice work!

  8. Aww...Lisa, thank you for sharing the award with me. You sure made my day!
    I enjoy your blog very much and definitely deserve this award.

  9. Wow! What a wonderful compliment!! Thank you so much for sharing the award and I think your blog kicks ass and definitely deserves it. It was definitely a nice start to my day, waking up to your email :)

    As for the cassoulet, c'est magnifique! I love the Springtime in Paris theme and the cassoulet looks amazing.

  10. Nupur- your photos are so inspiring! I really enjoy visiting your blog.

    Bee Roach- I really enjoy your blog - such a creative name! Your recipes look delicious too. BTW, I forgot to mention in my post that I subbed veg broth for water and added a can of diced tomatoes to the cassoulet recipe, in case anyone gives it a try.

  11. Lisa- in my earlier comment, I meant "you definitely deserve the award" (leaving out the "you" was silly of me :))

  12. Nupur- that's funny. Although you do deserve the award! Thanks again.

  13. Okay, Matthew inspired me to take a shot at vegan Toasted Ravioli! Check it out at


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