Monday, April 7, 2008

Vegan Eats in St. Louis

First things first. Readers, Scout. Scout, Readers. She is the best dog in the world, and will show up here periodically when I need a photo and because she's so awesome. I know you think your dog is the world's best, so let's just agree to disagree.

We had a full weekend of friends, live music, and good vegan food. Here are a few local restaurants with vegan options.

Terrene is one of the vegan friendliest restaurants I've found here. There is always a vegan entree, currently a spicy tofu lemon curry. During the winter, I had a delicious seitan stew with a vegan biscuit nestled in the center. Yes, I said vegan biscuit. Each time I've visited, the daily soup has been vegan. And I haven't even mentioned the small plates yet. I can never skip the Tofu on a Stick with Cashew Dipping Sauce. Plus, they have special happy hour prices on cocktails and small plates weekdays, 5-7pm, in the bar. They focus on seasonal ingredients, and have outdoor dining too. Obviously, they rock.

After Terrene Friday, we ventured out to the County for live music at The Natural Fact Deli. Will and Laura Scherer opened with some great bluegrass tunes, followed by Brothers Lazaroff. What a fun show. Keep a lookout for the Brothers' new cd coming soon. The Natural Fact serves tasty hummus, and I'll explore more vegan possibilities next time I'm there.

Saturday night found us at El Scorcho. I ordered the taco salad, with veggies added and no dairy. They tend to put sour cream on the plate, even when not mentioned on the menu, so I specify that they can hold the sour cream and cheese for my orders. The server was very accommodating. This was a tasty and filling dish with chips, black beans, mixed veggies, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and salsa. I've also had the burrito with added veggies and no dairy. They offer a variety of creative salsas ranging from mild to super spicy, in beautiful hues of orange, red, and pale green. They recently expanded, so there's more seating and the atmosphere is funky and casual.
If you have other good vegan dining experiences in St. Louis, feel free to share them with me!


  1. Thanks for the restaurant reviews...I am looking forward to trying El Scorcho and the deli.
    Have you tried the Shangri-La diner? They have plenty of great vegan options. I also like the little places on South Grand like Meskerem (Ethiopian) and Lemongrass (Vietnamese).

  2. Scout and my own dog could be twins, curled tail and all! Glad you're having good luck. When I didn't eat meat, I found the restaurant options completely un-inspiring and usually laden with oil.

  3. Nupur - thanks for the suggestions! I've only tried Lemongrass of the ones you mentioned so this will give us some new places.

    Alanna- I think eating vegan is getting easier as time goes on, although it can still be challenging at some restaurants. The internet and vegan networking helps out - I've already gotten a recommendation for a place to eat when we're in San Juan for vacation!

  4. Lisa,

    Scout is fabulous although my dog *is* the world's best :) I'll second Nupur's suggestions of Meskerem and Lemongrass. (Meskerem may not be vegan though -- a lot of Ethiopian recipes that I've seen call for clarified butter.) Sekisui has some really good veggie sushi and unusual tofu dishes, but be sure to ask questions -- there's fish stock in some of their sauces.

  5. Bek, I would love to meet your dog as well. Every dog's person should believe they live with the world's best dog.
    Surprisingly, considering that I'm in Shaw, I haven't tried Sekisui yet. The fish sauce can be tricky. I found "vegan" red and green curry paste at Local Harvest, which often has fish sauce as well. Anyway, thanks for the tips, and your knitting on your blog looks great.

  6. I would check out The U. on Olive in Midtown for some vegan/vegetarian sandwiches. Of 13 on the menu, 2 are strictly vegetarian (and both could be done without the cheese/mayo to make vegan). The sesame tofu sandwich is great. I also know they will do anything on the menu substituting tofu for the meat, I had a Tofu Cheese Steak and it was great. They also have a wide variety of salads and often have vegan soups on the menu as well.


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